About Us

I’m Chris Salisbury, the proud owner of TruckNavs and I have been driving trucks since 1986. I set up my business after receiving a new truck for a company and decided to buy a new dash table. Many sites were charging unaffordable prices, so I decided to make one with a similar quality but at an affordable price. I turned this into a business, and three years in I was making 67 different designs for both left and right hand vehicles, and I developed my businesses website.

In 2011, a friend bought a Sat Nav and asked me to optimise it by setting it up in a different way. I soon realised I could optimise and tailor a Sat Nav to an individual’s needs, and in doing so, create a new product. I started buying them online and tailoring them, before I had one designed for me. For the past three and a half years a company has been designing and programming them for me, and I import them into the UK and make any further adjustment’s.

I have sold both dash tables and Sat Navs to truck drivers all over the UK, and have created a successful business by selling affordable products to customers. I hope I can continue creating and selling great products for the trucking industry, and appreciate the time you’ve taken on this site.

Chris Salisbury